Saturday, May 21, 2011

Officially back!...

Dessert Table from my Baby's Birthday.
Oh.. wow! It has been about 4 months since I opened this account naively thinking I was going to have time to keep it up. [Not happening with a 1year old baby and through your 1st year of grad school.] The good thing is that I'm done with this school year, and even though I'll be stock in the lab doing research through out the summer, I'll hopefully now get a chance to keep some consistency in this blog (in terms of in dates of postings etc).
Anyhow...So as you might have already imagined, I never got to do those cupcake toppers I posted in my very first post. So hopefully you were not "tuned in" all this time waiting for the outcome. However, I got to add some other good "stuff" to my etsy shop [baker's twine, stickers, tags, and much more]. I'm planning to add several more things this summer and even more now that I got the new Cricut Expression about a month ago. I've used it once to print out a few things for my daughters birthday and they turned out beautiful.. (banner, decor etc). I used whatever paper and cardstock I had laying around [given that it was something simple and kind of last minute] and I think it turned out great. What do you think?

Ps. See that cupcake sand. Part of it i got it from a wonderful tutorial posted on Prudent Baby's Blog. It is soo easy and soo cute!.. Go a head and dare to try it!

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