Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's officially S U M M E R!

These are some photos of items I recently added/or will
be adding to my shop whenever i can find a little extra brake... 
Hello again! Can you believe its summer already?! Is time going fast, or does this only happens to people with kids and school?!  

As if I haven't said it already, I'm sooo busy all the time that sometimes i think i wont make it till the end of the day. -Yes! I'm very dramatic sometimes ;)-  I will give you some insight on part of my ongoing-never-ending to-do list/current status: graduate student taking classes; working on my thesis proposal draft (due VERY soon) ; still nursing my 13 month old baby girl...which leads me to, trying to keep up with my 13 month old little hurricane; working 30 hours a week doing research; studying and preparing for the GRE; preparing application materials for PhD programs; trying to keep up with mommy and wife duties... and besides all of these, I dedicate some time to my etsy shop which kind of keeps me a bit sane. Some people might call it crazy, I call it LIFE!

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