Monday, June 13, 2011

Keeping up?!

I was really hoping to keep some consistency in regards to posting, but it is not that easy.  I’ll get there though; I’ll get there. These have been a very busy two weeks (as always).

Two weeks ago we (my husband, daughter and I) went camping with some friends to Hurkey Creek Park, which is about 10 miles from Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains, CA. That was fun! (in it’s own way).  It was also pretty cold at night but we managed to stay warm. In summary, it was an eventful weekend to say the least...but if you want to know more about it, I’ll be glad to make a post describing our “adventures”…just let me know.

So it is evident that I didn’t get to do any crafts that weekend whatsoever.  However, on Monday, Tuesday (and probably Wednesday as well), I worked on a large order of owl cupcake toppers, which by the way I just took off my site.  I know, I know they were adorable and somewhat fun to do (when I just do 12 or so) but they are also very time consuming and what I charge for them doesn’t even cover ¼ of the labor. It was a hard decision to make since I’m attached to them given that they were one of the very first listings I added to my etsy shop. Sniff, Sniff. But if you are dying to have them, I can always make an exception (on a person to person basis). You'll also be seeing them in notecards and such. :)

Well.. I’ll be writing another post sometime this week to catch up with what I did this LAST week (cross your fingers!!).

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