Thursday, September 1, 2011

More to Bakers Twine, than baking and scrapbooking...

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Today I got something super cute and unique in the mail, and I could not go to bed with out first writing a quick post about it. I'm so excited!! You know how much I love bakers twine. Well, now I get to wear it too - and I think that's super cool! Don't you love these earrings and bracelet?!

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My new acquisition was handmade by the fellow scientist and Etsy artisan Rachel from AeroGirlDesigns. She's an aerospace engineer and physicist... Can you believe that? A real Rocket Scientist!!  As you can see, people with higher education have a creative side as well... and I think she is great at it.  What are you waiting for? Check out her shop....(Thanks Rachel!)


  1. Oh gosh! This is great! Thanks so much for mentioning me! And the bracelet looks cool. I am so glad it fits right. Yay!

    It was awesome swapping stories and creativity! Go! Go! Team Creative Scientists!

    Thanks Again,
    Rachel, The AeroGirl

  2. Aww Rachel. No problem! I did it because i truly love your work! I LOVE my new jewelery. We'll keep in contact! Go! Go! Team Creative Scientists :)